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    thank you for your reply. It's from Siebmacher's. Here is part of the page with the (ex. sig.) abbreviation:

    Schwan II. (Esthland).
    Major Joh. v. Schwan zu Tuttomäggi in Esthland, t 1748.
    Salomon Joh. v. Schwan (nannte sich selbst Baron), geb. 1722, verheirathet mit Baronesse v. Rosen, Erbherr zu Tuttomäggi, wurde 1786 in Geschlechtsbuch (Nr. 3) der esthländ. Statthalterschaft eingetragen, hatte Nachkommenschaft.

    Wappen. (Tafel 130. 131).
    Sein Wappen war (ex. sig.) ein blauer Schild, darin auf silbernen Wellen schwimmend, ein silberner Schwan. Helm: derselbe in ganzer Figur, im Schnabel drei Pfaufedern haltend.
    Ein sehr ähnliches Wappen, das wir zur Vergleichung auf Tafel 131 geben, bringt Siebmacher IV. 160 sub "Geadelte."

    I did a Google search for this and only came up with an image for a Wikimedia page with the Wappen of Kaiser Leopold I. (ex. sig). I also tried a search for Latin abbreviations, but found nothing. Then I tried a search for Latin genealogical words and got to the "FamilySearch.org" pages. Although the (ex. sig.) is not there in total. the ex. part is defined as "from" and words beginning with sig are sigillum and signum, meaning seal and sign, so I am guessing that the "ex. sig." means that the picture and description of the coat of arms was made from a seal.

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  • Yes, you are :)

    But I don't know what's wrong with your code.

    Deutsch-Böhmen, Kreis Trautenau: Rose, Schirmer, Marcik, Sepper, Tamm, Baudisch

    Hinterpommern, Kreis Deutsch Krone: Riebschläger, Lange, Hartwig, Schmidt, Göck, Polzin, Sperling

    Mecklenburg, Kreis Wismar: Eggert, Schwarz

    Zur Gedbas-Datei

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  • Hallohh
    ex sig. = ex sigillum (or signum)
    in other words the source for blazoning and redraftig the arms was a seal (Siegelabdruck) or a signet (Petschaft)
    That way you often do not have the colors unless there is hatching, which obviously was the case here.


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  • Great !
    It's exactly 71 years ago that I was learning that and it is inexcusable that so many grey cells disappeared. I'm really sorry for that. It should not happen again.