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    I am trying to verify if I am correct, and if not, need help finding information.

    My great grandfather, Albert Binz, arrived in the US in 1893, and was soon naturalized as an American citizen shortly after. In his papers, he lists that he was from Baden, Germany. On other documents, he lists that his father's name was Steffen or Steffan. On his death certificate and gravestone, it lists his birth date at 20 Aug 1868. It lists that his mother is unknown.

    In my searches, I do find a German birth record for an Albert Binz; however, the father's name listed is Stephan Binz and the birth date as 30 Aug 1968. The record lists Karolina Simon as the mother.

    I am thinking that this is his record. I am under the impression that the German pronunciation for Stephan sounds like Steffan in English, and I am thinking that the day of birth only being ten days off is just a record keeping error.


    Also, I am unable to find any information on his wife, who traveled to the US prior to their marriage. Mary A Brumen is her name, and her parents are Herman Brumen and Anna Krommen. She was born 4 Jul 1873 and arrived in the US in 1892.

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    Edit: added the mother name that is found on the birth record for Albert Binz.

  • I've decided to post the record that I've found. It lists the birth as 29 Aug 1868 and the baptism as 30 Aug 1868.


    Name: Albert Binz
    Gender: Male
    Birth Date: 29 Aug 1868
    Birth Place: Gündlingen, Baden, Germany
    Baptism Date: 30 Aug 1868
    Baptism Place: Gündlingen, Baden, Germany
    Father: Stephan Binz
    Mother: Karolina Simon
    FHL Film Number: 871382
    Reference ID: 2:55VK5D

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    Source Information: Germany, Select Births and Baptisms, 1558-1898 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations, Inc., 2014.
    Original data: Germany, Births and Baptisms, 1558-1898. Salt Lake City, Utah: FamilySearch, 2013.
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  • Anita,

    Thank you so much!

    On Mary's birthday, I did have June in my tree, but somehow I stated July.

    It looks like on the record the last name would be spelled in German as Brüner, right?

    Again, Thank you,


  • Yes, I've already seen the death certificate but I do not believe that German remarried. In 1900 he's living widowed alone with his son Joseph and on his gravestone no wife is mentioned. I rather think the informant didn't know it better.

    And even if German remarried, his second wife would not be Marie's mother. He married in Sept. 1872 and Marie was born in June or July 1873, so only Magdalena Duerr could be her mother.

    Maybe you should order the film Nr 889845:…amily%20History%20Library to look for Marie's birth record.


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  • I think that you are right about Magdalena Duerr, and about German not remarrying. I am thinking about ordering the film, but I have no idea about it. It appears that I can only rent the film, and I have no idea about viewing it and my German is German 101, so I probably would not understand it. I think that I am going to go by what you say, it just makes too much sense to me.

  • I have a question regarding my Record for Stephan Binz:

    Stephan Binz
    BIRTH 11 MAY 1834 • Gündlingen, Freiburg, Baden
    DEATH 01 MAR 1907 • Gündlingen, Freiburg, Baden

    I see a birth record and a marriage record that appear to be his, but the mother listed is different.

    Birth Record lists: Verena Dörflinger

    Marriage lists: Maria Anna Hanser

    Is it possible the marriage record was indexed incorrectly?