Hello - Hinzugef. : Stetzer (Stötzer/Stoetzer?)

  • I just want to introduce myself. I just started last week researching my family tree, and I am already at the point of searching German records. So far, my bloodline appears to be 100% German on both sides of my family. From what I can tell my father's side came over in the late 1800s, and my mother's side came over in the mid-1800s.

    Building out my tree, I have already have a list of names to start searching for German records:

    Binz; Baden, Germany (Anita already helped me a lot. Thanks!)
    Wahoff (appears to be Hannover),

    Will (Hessen)
    Hilderbrand (Westphalia)
    Rode (Westfalen, Prussia),
    Krugeler (Westfalen, Prussia),
    Moll or Mold,


  • Didirich,

    I haven't really started searching for Simon. After a few minutes on ancestry.com, I am able to get this far:

    Stephan Binz (May 1834 -8 Apr 1907) and Karolina Simon (30 Oct 1835 - ?),
    Karolina Simon's parents are: Johan Simon (~1801-16 Dec1835) and Theresia Wohlleb (b.19 Sep 1802 - ?),
    Johan Simon's parents are: Matthias Simon and Maria Anna Widensohler,

    Baden, Germany seems to be the area.



  • I am FLMark, and I had to create a new account since I had forgotten my password and my email address has been closed down.

    I am wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction regarding my 2nd great-grandfather, my 2nd great-grandmother, and great grandmother. There is not much information to go by:

    2nd great grandfather: Charles Stetzer

    2nd great grandmother: Margaretha - I am thinking her maiden name was Kating or Keating

    Great grandmother, child of Charles and Margaretha: Emilia Stetzer

    I have the adoption papers that are dated 22 Nov 1877 that state that the last name is Stetzer, but I am thinking that the spelling could be different. But it says that Emilia Stetzer was born on 17 April 1874 in Saint Louis, Missouri USA.

    They state that Margaretha was gravely ill at the time of the adoption, and I have found a grave in the St Louis area that puts her death on 26 Nov 1877. The adoption papers states that Charles had already died at the time of adoption. Emilia Stetzer was adopted by Henry and Anna Oehlschlaeger (Ölschläger ?).

    I have found a marriage record in St Louis between Charles Stetzer and Maggie Kating on 10 Jan 1861, which I think is Emilia's parents. I have found an 1870 US Census that puts Charles Stetzer and Magie Stetzer in St Louis Ward 2, St Louis, Missouri. It states that Charles was born about 1837 in Hannover/Hanover Germany. It states that Maggie was born in 1840 in Ireland.



  • Hi,

    I found a Carl Stuetzer 19 yrs of age on PL Agnes that arrived May 2nd ( see at castle garden), 1856, baker, province of last residence, Hanover.
    Would match to Charles` profession in 1870 census.



  • Thanks. For some reason I didn't think of "Carl" being short for Charles. Just didn't cross my mind.