Ober-Elsässisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 171

  • Greetings Forum Members.

    I would firstly like to applaud the work of the volunteers involved in indexing the verlustlisten. This has been an immense source of my family history discovery.
    This information would remain hidden if it was not for their work.
    My surname is fairly unique and there are now 13 hits on the database. I am confident that they are all early relatives.

    My Grandfather survived both wars and died in 1968. He would never discuss the great war with my father. Therefore details are very scare.
    There are 2 entries on the database for him, a early one listing him as lightly wounded and a second reporting him missing.
    Grandfather was:-

    Martin Feledziak Born 14th October 1897, Wrotkow - now Poland.

    Recently there was a database entry which linked him to the above Ober-Elsässisches Infanterie-Regiment Nr. 171.
    He was reported missing 22 February 1918.

    I have a hospital photograph dated 1918 which shows him and a number of recovering soldiers and their nurses outside a substantial building.
    He obviously received some form of injury around mid to late 1917.

    Therefore I am looking for any additional information regarding IR171 and suggestions for other researching options.

    Many Thanks - Martin Feledziak.

  • Michael,

    Many Thanks for your reply.
    I have seen that Wiki and Google chrome does a good job of translating the contents of that page too.
    I also know there is a regimental history for IR171 from 1923 in circulation, it is in German, but it is very difficult to get hold of. There is a copy in the library in London.

    I am trying to work out how a rural farm worker from near Poznan ends up in a regiment from the Alsace Lorraine region.
    It is very interesting trying to find out.

  • Ja, it sounds exciting. Sometimes genealogy poses real puzzles to us forcing us to be detectives.


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