Help With A Trip to Former Shlawe/Stolp Area

  • I am from the US, but will be in Berlin for a business trip the first part of September. I would like to take two days (9/11 and 9/12) to investigate historical records to find more information on my ancestors.

    My great-great-great grandfather is a Martin Papenfuss, born in Peest, Schlawe, in 1808. I have a little bit of information on his wife (Dorothea Sophie Möws) and her parents, but no further information on Martin or Dorothea and their ancestors. The purpose of my trip would be to find whatever information I can.

    However, I would like to make the most efficient use of my time, since I only have two days. I am wondering what sorts of records would likely be most useful, and where I can best find those records. Slupsk? Koszalin? Piescz?

    Any advice this group can provide would be most greatly appreciated. In addition, I am happy to share whatever information I have now, as well as what I find during my visit.

    Thanks in advance,

    Scott Papenfuss

  • Hello Scott,
    perhaps this is interesting for you:
    I can translate, if you want...

    Es ist nicht das Wissen, sondern das Lernen,
    nicht das Besitzen, sondern das Erwerben,
    nicht das Dasein, sondern das Hinkommen,
    was den größten Genuss gewährt.

    Carl Friedrich Gauß

    Suche FN Wittmann und Angeheiratete-FN Hoffmann/ Oberschlesien-FN Naujock /Ostpreußen

    Dauersuche Geburt Marianna ( Maria) Barbara Olschewski ca 1798 im Raum Dirschau

  • Jutta, the PDF looks interesting, thanks! Before I ask you to translate, I'll have a look. The author's name is certainly of interest, and I suspect the data in the document may be useful also.

    The Kreis Schlawe website is also a very good resource, but I hadn't seen the particular search page you referenced above, so thanks for that as well.

    Do you think it be possible to find records similar to the Erbpaecter PDF in Slupsk?