Einheit 4 Kompanie Straßenbau-Bataillon 521

  • Hello fellow researchers,

    This is my first posting on this forum and
    I hope there is someone who can provide me with information regarding my
    grandfather's Army Unit.

    His name is Paul Karl Herman WABNITZ born
    11 April 1904 in Eschbruch Kreis Friedeberg/Pommern. He was a soldier in
    Einheit 4 Kompanie Straßenbau-Bataillon 521. He was listed as missing at Stalingrad
    early in 1943.

    I would appreciate information about the
    Unit - where they served, photographs relating to the Unit and, if possible,
    names of soldiers that were part of this Unit.

    One further request regarding campaign
    medals or military awards for those soldiers belonging to this unit - are they
    entitled to receive such awards and how can I obtain such awards?

    Any information would be very much

    Regards from Australia,


  • Straßenbau Bataillon 521
    Aufstellung 04. August 1939 als Übungs-Bataillon;
    wurde 26. August 1939 mobil im Armee-Paket "W" = Wien zu 4 Kompanien;
    Januar 1943 in Stalingrad vernichtet.
    source: https://forum.ww2.ru/index.php?showtopic=1367577

    I can find two other listings for items relating to this unit, feldpost from two different men from 2. Komp.



    If the unit was attached to the 16th Panzer Division, there is a unit history from 1958 (later reprinted) and a "Bildband".

    If the Vermisstenbildlisten database ever comes back online, you should be able to use the Feldpostnummer for the men from 2. Komp. to find missing men from the whole unit.