Looking for information about Wendhausen family

  • Hello!
    My name is José Cassio Wendhausen and I´m living in Brazil. I´m seeking for more information about my ancestors. :)

    What I know until now:
    Engelbert Wendhausen and his spouse, Elisabetha (or Elisabeth) Sculzenn are the oldest ancestors that I know the names. Engelbert born between 1790 and 1808 in Germany, unknown province.
    Known childrens: Heinrich Wendhausen (1821-1866) and Wilhelm Wendhausen (1824-1904), both born in Germany, Westphalia.

    Wilhelm married with Louisa and fixed residence in USA. They had four childrens.

    Heinrich married with Maria Eva Gesser and fixed residence in Brazil.
    They had eight childrens. One of them, Germano Wendhausen (my great grandfather - 1853-1930) had a relationship with Edwiges Pinto. They had one son, named Frontino Sebastião Wendhausen.

    Frontino married with Filomena Jhansen Regente and had eight childrens, being Jove Patrício Wendhausen (my father-1925-2002) one of them.

    You can see my genealogic tree here: http://www.myheritage.com.br/site-259743271/wendhausen

    What I would like to know
    Born date of Engelbert and Elisabetha, and the name of their parents. Also, if they had more childrens, other than Heinrich and Wilhelm.

    In advance, thanks for your atention and help.

  • Update: it seems that heinrich and Wilhelm were born in Niedersachsen (Lower Saxony). Does this information helps you find something about Engelbert and their parents??
    In advance, Thanks!

  • Hello cassio and welcome to the Forum,

    i have cross-checked your Information with what i could find in the public Family trees at ancestry.com - the Information there correspond with yours to the letter, so it seems all got more or less the same sources.

    Irrespective of whether Heinrich and/or Wilhelm were born in Lower Saxony or North-Rhine Westphalia, which are both federal states (Bundesland), for successfully looking up records, one Needs to know, which County (Landkreis) they were Born in, so that the church or state records in These counties can be searched.

    Regards from Germany

    Kai Michael (Poppe)

  • Hello Kai!
    Unhappiness, I don't know what is the County in which they were born.
    Anyway, thanks for trying to help. :thumbup:

  • I´m just sharing my thoughts...
    After to seek about "wendhausen" in Ancestry.com and other places, I saw that many persons with this last name, around 1790´s, were born in Stadt Plau, Mecklenburg-Schwerin. It leads me to think that Engelbert (supposed to born around 1790) should be related to them in some degree and lived there too. What bores me, is that I can´t find any record about Engelbert in no place... ?(
    About Elisabeth Schulze and variants, with other middle and first names associated, there are also many records. But, none of them associated with Engelbert.
    Jesus! I think I´ll die without to have my curiosity satisfied. :)

  • Hello Kai. It´s a long time since my first post.

    Hello to the other members too.
    I found information that Wilhelm Wendhausen, brother of Heinrich, was born in Rosenberg, Varel, Friesland, Niedersachen. Does this information to help search church or state records?