Hannover army, v. Boldewin Regiment, v. Zastrow Regiment, 1714-1729

  • In 1712, during the Great Northern War against Sweden, Danish troops occupied plague stricken Bremen-Verden, with its capital in Stade. In 1715 the Danes traded Bremen-Verden to King George I of Great Britain and Elector of Hannover who cemented his possession of the area in the 1719 Treaty of Stockholm. At some point Hannover troops arrived from other locations in the Electorate.

    In 1714 a great-grandfather, Johann Friedrich v. Schwaan was a captain in the v. Boldewin Regiment in the Hannoversche Muenden area. In 1729 he was a major with the v. Zastrow Regiment in Stade. (Source: 1870 Sichart) During these years all six of his children were probably born, but we haven't found any records for them.

    There don't seem to be any Stade birth records for 1714-1729 so I am hoping that the children of Johann Friedrich v. Schwaan were born before arriving there. Does anyone know of records showing when the different Hannover units moved to Stade, and if they made any stops along the way?