Georg Christoph Kohnlen 1723

  • I am searching for the birthplace of Georg Christoph Kohnlen or his brother Georg Stefan Kohnlen.

    Christoph was born about 1723 and immigrated to South Carolina in 1752. He sailed from Rotterdam aboard the ship "Elizabeth" with his wife (her name is unknown) and two sons: Hans Mathias, born about 1743, and Hans Georg, born about 1745. They disembarked in Charleston, South Carolina in late January or February 1753.

    Using the knowledge that many immigrants from Württemberg traveled in groups from the same area, I am looking at the known towns of other passengers on the "Elizabeth". Fritz Ziegler came from Steinheim am Albuch. Thomas Gickeleuthner came from Söhnsetten. Having these two towns as a point of reference, I used and to search for my surnames in the vicinity. I found the surname in several nearby towns during the 18th century: Kinlen in Dischingen, Kohnlen/Kohnlens in Geislingen, Kohnlen in Stubersheim, Kohnlen in Schalkstetten.

    This leads me to believe I may be looking in the proper area for the ancestral village of my paternal male line. I would appreciate any assistance that can be provided to locate the correct town.

    Keith Carnley
    United States of America

  • Moin,
    I will try to help you.

    may be you have the right idea.

    Söhnstetten und Steinheim - Albuch are part of Dekanat Heidenheim an der Brenz /evangelisch.

    Söhnstetten had no katholig members.

    the churchbooks Heidenheim an der Brenz - Steinheim am Albuch and Söhnstetten are listet in a new Portal of churchbooks( - Archion / - search in Browse) - ,which will be online to march 2015.
    but not all books will be listed from the start (online what is marked green)

    I think it would make sence to wait until you can search in this books for the Name Kohnlen - by the time when it is possible.
    Because you don`t know exactly where George is Born, it would be to difficult and expensive to search in an other way ,may be write to the church Archive .

    Opa August

  • Opa August,

    I am excited to know there will be churchbooks soon available for me to review. I will follow your advice and write to the church archive while I wait.

    Thank you,
    Keith carnley

  • Moin,
    no ,this is a misunderstanding.If you write to the church Archiv,without knowing a Little more birthdates ...and other Facts,it will be very expensive for you.
    Church archives take Money by every hour they are searching.
    I would wait to search online if ist possible.

    best wishes

    opa august