• I am looking for my GG Grandfather Mathias Schmidt's Catholic birth and baptismal record. He was born 09/15/1815. I have found my GG Grandmother, Margaretha Zimmer, 1819, birth and baptism; my GG Grandparent's marriage, Mathias Schmidt and Margaretha Zimmer, 1842; and my G Grandfather's, Jacob Schmidt's birth and baptism in Uchtelfangen, Prussia. (Germany). However, I can't find my GG Grandfather's birth and baptism record in Uchtelfangen, Kaisen or Zusch. Any suggestions as to where my GG Grandfather would have been born? I think he would have been from the area of Uchtelfangen. Thanks for any help you can give me.

  • FB : Illingen

    ZIMMER Margaretha * Uchtelfangen 14.02.1819
    daugther of :
    ZIMMER Peter , tailor *( born ) Uchtelfangen 12.04.1789
    oo Illingen / Saar 22.09.1813
    Altmeyer Margaretha

    oo Illingen / Saar 24.01.1842
    SCHMITT Mathias * Kaisen 12.11.1814
    son of :
    SCHMITT Johann oo Riehm Elisabeth

    son : SCHMITT Jakob * 08.08.1844 Uchtelfangen


    Mit freundlichen Grüßen

    Irene ( Tausend )

  • Mathias and Margaretha's marriage record is very difficult to read but it does list Johann Schmitt and Elizabeth Rheim as Mathias' parents. You gave me the correct birth and baptismal record for Mathias. His birth is recorded incorrectly on his tombstone. Sincere thanks for your help.

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  • Film number 591233, Kirchenbuch, 1747-1885
    Katholische Kirche Uchtelfangen (Uchtelfangen-Kaisen)
    Taufen, Tote 1806-1860 Taufen 1860-1884 Tote 1861-1885 Heiraten 1806-1879 Konfirm. 1807-1873
    This information is from an Uchtelfangen Catholic church book where the births, deaths, marriages and confirmations were recorded. Source was the Latter Day Saints film library. Film number 591233, provided family information but I didn't find the name of the Catholic Church where my ancestors were baptized. I found one introductory page with the Holy Baptismal Church written on it. However, I have been unable to find anything on the web about the Holy Baptismal Church or anything about a Catholic Church in Uchtelfangen/Kaisen in 1814. St. Josef Church was built about 1890 but I can't find any source about the church that was in Uchtelfangen/Kaisen prior to St. Josef. I would appreciate any help you can give me concerning the Catholic church where my ancestors were baptized.

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