Looking for people from Merseburg

  • Good afternoon,

    I'm looking for the following people from Merseburg:

    Elisabeth Margarete Endlein (born 3 Nov 1915 in Merseburg)

    and her parents: Fritz Philipp Peter Endlein (born 1878) and Anna Elisabeth Endlein (1880). I don't know if these two were born in Merseburg.

    :danke: from England !

  • What are you looking for exactly?
    If the parents were married, the marriage certificate gives you many information.
    The document should be at the registy office.
    Let me know if you need help.

  • Dear Chroniker,

    Yes I would love to find a marriage certificate in the first place as I don't have much information about Fritz and Anna Endlein (I don't even know their parents' names). Is there any way to obtain it from outside Germany?

    Best wishes and happy new year !

  • I will send you an application (in german) for the office to your email. Usually they will send you the certificate and you have to pay a few euro.

  • Super ! German is not a problem (for my wife). Many thanks for your help. I hope one day everything will be available online !