John Johann D Lindner Sr

  • Could anyone help me find information on John Johann D Lindner Sr, born about 1800 Sachsen, Saxony, and died before 1880 in Jefferson, Elkhart, Indiana. He married Rosina Marie Sargaent born in 1810 sachsen, Saxony. They were married about 1835 not sure if Germany or USA but I think I found them going to America in 1834.
    Thank you,
    Renee Sanders
    California, USA

  • Renee,

    I found the passenger list that you're referring to. However, the first name is F. D. Lindner. Any idea what F. stands for? It may be that Johann D Lindner had three first names, because half of all the men had 'Johann' as one of them. Also, please let us know the first names of all his children, because they can include hints to the (grand-) parents' names.

    In the passenger list the place of origin of Johann D is said to be Valkenstein (Falkenstein,,_Saxony) whereas his wife and children seem to have been born in Weinsdorf.

    Ship: Howard, arrived on September 1st (?) 1834 in New York from Hamburg:…3Fcc%3D1849782&cc=1849782

    Could you please let us know the source of the name "Rosina Marie Sargaent"? The surname Sargaent is very unusual in Germany. I suppose there are reading errors.

  • Thank you for your reply, Rosina I found on Ancestry with Johann John in census and children birth info. Had americanized Sargent sometimes but family tree I found Sargeant, census and family tree all said born in Sachsen, Saxony. I have children born in USA but might have had some born before they came as can not find marriage record in USA. First child born here in 1835 was Mary Louise born in New Jersey. Other children were John D jr, John Samuel, Robert, and Mary A. Other children were born Ohio and Indiana. Virgil A Fremont Lindner was a son of Johann John D Lindner Jr, so maybe where F came in.
    That is all the info I have.