Translation/Transcription request

  • Guten Tag,
    Looking for assistance with this entry from a church book in Ostholstein. Specifically, I am trying to confirm that this marriage is a relative of mine. The father should be Christopher Rohr and the mother Anna Elsabe Rohr nee Burmeister. Also looking to see if any birthplaces are listed in the entry. Danke!

    Joe Grage

  • Hello Joe,

    here is what I read:

    Johann Hinrich Willert zu Middelburg,
    des Claus Willert zu Ekelsdorf und Engel
    geb. Kaackstehn ehel.[icher] Sohn, mit Catharina
    Christina Röhr, des Arbeitsmannes
    Christoph Röhr zu Fissau und Anna
    Elsabe geb. Burmeister ehel.[iche] Tochter

    Viele Grüße
    Henriette :)

  • Looking for assistance on one more...this is my 2nd great uncle's casualty listing from the first world war.....thanks for your help!


  • Hello Joe,

    without abbreviations, the text is easier to understand:

    Masheimer [nicht Maßheimer] , Gustav - 14.1. Rei=
    chenau - bisher laut privater Mitteilung in Gefangenschaft,
    gestorben in Gefangenschaft am 1.12.14

    If you have more questions, it would be better to open an new thread for each of them!