HEINRICH WITT and CAROLINA FREDRIKA WILHELMINA MEISTER. Rojewo Neudorf, Hohensalza, Posen, Prussia 1814-1860

  • I would like to find out about the families of HEINRICH WITT and CAROLINA FREDRIKA WILHELMINA MEISTER. The family lived in Rojewo Neudorf, Hohensalza, Posen, Prussia. Their church was in Rojewo Kaczkowerdorf
    From microfilm records I have the names of over 100 WITTs and over 100 MEISTERS from the Rojewo area but have no way of connecting any of them to our family.

    The following is what I know about Heinrich and Carolina:
    HEINRICH WITT b. 25 Dec 1814
    CAROLINE (MEISTER) Wife b. 14 Mar 1816
    IDA HULDA AUGUSTE Daughter b. 15 May 1845
    FRIEDRICH WILHELM Son b. 7 May 1848
    AUGUST EDUARD Son b. 13 Jun 1850

    They arrived in Galveston, Texas in 1860, from Rojewo (Rojewer Kaczkowerdorf, Rojewo Neudorf), West Prussia. Today Rojewo is located in central Poland, within a triangle formed by Torun, Inowroclaw, and Bydgoscz.

    There were three WITT children who did not come to the U.S. Assume they all died in Prussia but have no proof.
    CAROLINE WILHELMINA Daughter b. 1839
    ALBERT AUGUST Son b. 1841
    FRANZ THEODOR Son b. 1842

    Documentation: LDS film 715 041 (Rojewo 1832-1844) shows the birth of three children in Roj. Neudorf to Heinrich Witt and Caroline geb. Meister:
    Caroline Wilhelmina b. 1839
    Albert August Eduard b. 1841
    Franz Theodor b. 1842
    I have a copy of birth and baptismal dates for the three children who came to the US. Translation from German:
    Extract from the Churchbook of the Evangelical Lutheran Parish of Rojewo Kaczkowerdorf.
    To the landlord (or tavern keeper) Heinrich Witt of Rojewer Neudorf and his wife Caroline, geb. Meister are born the children named herin:
    1. Ida Hulda Auguste, born the 15th of May, 1845, and baptized the 15th of June. (Baptismal Record for the years 1845, No. 120)
    2. Friedrich Wilhelm, born the 7th of May, 1848, and baptized the 16th of May. (Baptismal Record for the years 1848, No. 183)
    3. August Edward, born the 13th of June, 1850 and baptized the 16th of June. (Baptismal Record for the years 1850, No. 166)
    The above is given on the basis of the Churchbooks mentioned and confirmed with the affixing seal of the church herewith. Rojewer Kaczkowerdorf on 11 August 186? [Church seal] (signed) Reinhard

    Ephraim Meister
    I believe that Ephraim is Caroline's father. Before emigrating to the US, Ephraim was given a book by his pastor, Richard Reinhard of Rojewo Kaczkowerdorf. The book was published in 1859.

    From the 1860 US Census for Harris County Texas
    United States Census, 1860, 9 Sep 1860
    Name: H. Whit
    Gender: Male
    Age at Time of Census: 45
    Estimated Birth Year: 1815
    Birth Location: Germany
    Residence: Precinct No 12, Harris, TX
    Occupation: Laborer
    Value Real Estate: 1,100
    Value of Personal Estate: 500
    in Household
    C Whit 45 yrs, Female
    F Whit 12 yrs, Male
    A Whit10 yrs, Male
    E Whit 15 yrs, Female (I believe this is Ida Hulda)
    E Miester 63 yrs, Male
    E Meister 20 yrs, Female (Don't know who this is)

    Thank you for your time. I appreciate any information you can supply.

    Barry R. Witt <Glen Lewis Witt <Albert Ernst Witt <Friedrich Wilhelm Witt <Heinrich Witt + Carolina Fredrika Wilhelmina Meister

  • Strange ... If you look at the english version of


    advanced search with the names Witt (for the groom) and Meister (for bride) you get only one exact match

    Protestant community Inowrocław [Inowrazlaw/Hohensalza]
    entry 41 / 1823
    Georg Witt (30 years old) 100%
    father: Gottfried Witt , mother: Eva Zielke
    Caroline Meister (24 years old) 100%
    father: Johann Meister , mother: Eva Conrad

    These two are too old - have you found these amongst your names from the LDS microfilms ?




    FENNER in Tlukawy/Hermstal/Wischin (Posen)

    STIEWITZ aus "Strelen" in der "Niederlauselitz" (17. Jht.)

    SCHÖNBORN aus "Rotenburg"/Neisse (18. Jht)

    EICHEL aus Rostock (17. Jht.)

    OSTERKAMP aus Hausbergen/Minden (17. Jht)