Feske / Fiske Family

  • Good Morning from California, USA. I am looking for information on the Feske/Fiske family from Brandenburg, Prussia.
    What I know:
    Michael A Feske b: September 26, 1936 in Brandenburg, Prussia
    Married Wilhelmina "Minnie" R Unknown July 28, 1865
    She was born December 4, 1842
    They came to the US about 1868 with a neighbor Otto Becker b: December 22, 1844

    According to Michael's death certificate in the United States his parents were John Feske and Elizabeth Bowmen (I don't know how accurate this is).

    Michael had a brother John David Feske b: September 23, 1834 Brandenburg, Prussia
    Married Augusta Amelia Michaelis in 1864
    She was born August 18, 1842 Falkenstine, Prussia
    They had 2 children in Prussia before coming to the States in 1871
    Bertha Mary Lizzie Feske b: January 2, 1869
    John August Feske b: November 24, 1870

    No ship record has been found for Michael or John. Any information on the family would be greatly appreciated. Michael and Wilhelmina are my GGG Grandparents. Michael passed away in 1919 and Wilhelmina in 1926. They first went to Wisconsin for a few years then to Michigan. THey finally made their forever home in North Dakota. Look forward to hearing from you. I can also be reached at itsmemismelis@gmail.com
    Melissa Vigoren-Garcia

    ps is there a website to look up archives from the Brandenburg area?

  • Hi,
    I think I got John David`s arrival aboard the Thuringia Nov 2, 1871 with:
    D 32
    Marie? 30
    Bertha 3
    A 11 mths
    Wm Michaelis 29
    New York PL
    Hamburg PL ddep 18 Oct 1871 reads :
    D Feske 32
    Marie 30
    Bertha 3
    Aug -
    Wm Michaelis 29 all from Breitenstein, Holstein
    Holstein should be a fault, as there is a Breitenstein belonging to Falkenstein parish as you already know.



  • Thank you Thomas for your response!! Is there any records available from this area and what is the name of this location in current day?
    "Breitenstein belonging to Falkenstein parish"
    Look Forward to hearing back from you