1806 missing in Churchbook from Stralsund, Blankensee, Stolzenberg

  • I am looking for info about the birth of my ancestor Johan Friedrich Retzlaff born app. 1806 and later married to Charlotte Friederike Bannatz in Sct. Jacobi, Stettin 5th. of Nov. 1831

    I have found the church books from his area via Familysearch:

    Germany, Prussia, Pomeran...Church Records, 1544-1945
    Pommern, Stralsund, Evangelische Kirche Stralsund, Blankensee, Stolzenberg

    ....but it appears that the year 1806 is missing.

    Can anyone help me finding the records?

    Thomas Retsloff

  • Hello Thomas,

    my english is bad, but i give my best.

    I have seen, that you have the marriage of the parents, and Henriette have transcribed this.
    The same book have also 3 siblings:

    Friederike Louise b. 1799
    Caroline Louise b. 1801
    Carl Friedrich b. 1805, d. 1805

    On the birth of Christian Friedrich in 1809 his father is named Carl Friedrich, but mothers name is correct Dorothee Sophie.

    On this book are 3 years not included ( 1806-1808 ), but no pagenumber is missing.
    It can be, that the old clergyman is died, and the parish has not haved a clergymen for this time.
    In this fact the records will be in churchbooks from the neighborparishes.
    The parish Darbe is online, but have not this records. Löcknitz und Böck are not available, also not on film.
    A lot of books are destroyed in WW 2. This is a problem for all east-provinces.

    I give you a link to this parish today. I think, they can better help.


    best regards


  • Hello Steffen

    Ach... how I love the Internet!

    Thank you for taking your time trying to help me.
    Your English is perfect and I understand everything you write :-)

    I have found the same entries as you mention (e.g. the three siblings to my ancestor Johan Friedrich Retzlaff) as well as the apparently incorrect entry of the birth of Christian Friedrich in 1809!)
    There was even another sibling Dorothea Louise Retzlaff born in 1811.....

    I am also aware that many records was lost during WW2 but I was puzzled that some years could be missing in one church book.
    I will try to contact the parish (Pfarramt Boock) as You have kindly given me the link. Then we'll se what may come to life again!?

    Thank you so much for your answer and redirection.

    Thomas Retsloff