Introducing Thomas Retsloff - looking for my German Retzlaff family located around Pampow 1800

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    I live in Denmark and have been doing research on my family for almost 10 years now.
    My paternal bloodline goes back to Sweeden, but my familyname Retsloff (originated from Retzlaff) I have tracked back to the small town of Pampow and Blankensee close to the Polish border near Stettin.

    I have formerly been stopped in my German research because I could not find the link between my last known ancestor Johann Friedrich Retzlaff (b. app. 1806 in or near Pampow and Blankensee in Pommern) to his parents
    Recently I tried my luck again and now believe I have found his father and siblings via Familysearch.

    My whish is to actually find evidence and documentation of the birth of Johann Friedrich Retzlaff but has been stopped again because his birthyear 1806 is missing in the pages in the churchbook of Stralsund, Blankensee and Stoltzenburg.

    Now I try to find help on this forum and have already recieved some very valuable answers from kind and helpful people.
    This is my last thread: "Volkszählung" Census'es for Pommern and other places in Germany and my family tree is attached to this introduction

    I really want to communicate in German, but it is very hard for me to do, so I initially try in English.