Question about Wendhausen

  • Hello! My name is José Cassio Wendhausen, and I´m seeking for information about the origins of my family.
    My first post about this topic is dated from 2015:…age=Thread&threadID=63591

    Well, I know that a place named Wendhausen exists in Germany, and also read that this surname has a Wendish orign.
    By other side, I read the place Wendhausen was named Wenethusen until 1325, approximately. I figured that Wenethusen could be originated from the words "wenn et husen", which in latim means "se et Husen". Also, figured that Husen can be a swedish word that means house... ?(

    Going ahead in the seek, I found texts about the Lives of Liutbirga of Wendhausen and Hathumoda of Gandersheim, and many other things, but nothing about Wenethusen. There are references available?

    Other question: the word Wendhausen can also be written as Wendhaußen?

    Thanks for any help. ;)

  • Hello Cassio,

    your statement seems to contain several speculations and assertions in contest.

    The name Wendhausen has nothing to do with Latin language. Hus/Husen is a former German word meaning house/houses (in today's German language: Haus/Häuser). Misspellings like Haußen instead of Hausen have not been unusual.

    In Germany there are existing at least three villages called Wendhausen (zip codes and geographical position):
    21400 east of Lüneburg/LowerSaxony
    31174 east of Hildesheim/Lower Saxony
    38165 east of Hondelage/Lower Saxony
    By geographical reasons it is not easy to believe in Wendish origins.

    Maybe being important: 38165 Wendhausen is situated 9 km east of Wenden which is an urban quarter of Braunschweig today.…page&q=wendhausen&f=false.
    That is leading to the speculation that the man from Wenden lived in a house as the first bearer of the surname Wend(en)hausen. Later on Wendhausen became a small village.

    On the other hand: The noble Wendhausens may be members of the House of Wenden.

    Kind regards

  • Thank you Detlef!!
    Excuse me if my first post is confuse. Is hard to choose the right words in a language that isn´t my native language.
    Let me tell you made a lot of things clear to me. :)

    First a bit more of speculation:
    The norwegian words "wenn et hus en" (Wenethusen), can be translated as "the house of a wenn" or "a wenn´s house".
    The swedish words "wen ett hus" (Wenethus(-en)), can be translated as "a wen house".
    Wen, Wenn, Wend are words used when refering to the Wendish.

    As pointed by you, Wend(en)hausen, can be understood as a "house of man from Wenden".

    Putting it all together, mine speculation about the wendish orign of Wendhausen surname can be more than a speculation. It can be right!
    Note that Wenden probably has a wendish origin too: And there are geographical reasons that, in thesis, supporting my speculation too. You can read about this here: Wenden is quoted in page 82. in page 18.
    Does it to make sense? :)

    Talking about the nobles, previouslly I read it:
    Is possible that using Probst von Wendhausen, and later Stisser von Wendhausen, along the time some persons adopted just wendhausen as a surname? If so, it all makes me think that my family has a origin in that, and I can be coming close to my objective!

    I still need to find something about Engelbert Wendhausen and Elisabeth(a) Schulze(n) other than the vague mention about when they born (1790-1808)...