WW1 Casualty List - can't find my people now...

  • I did data entry and also searched through the pages to find my grandfather and great uncle, both of whom hadn't been entered into the database at that time. Now neither come up when I do a search. In fact neither to the three or four others from their birth place that used to be in the database.

  • Hi Kscheffler

    Which casuality lists do you mean, the Verlustlisten or the Vermisstenlisten?
    Do you mean the ones of the German Army or the ones of the Austrian Army?

    As zimba said before, we need to know which name and which place you are searching in the casuality lists.

    Which and how many search-fields have you filled in? Did you filled in the same search-fields at every time?
    What did you fill in in the search-field for the place, only the name of the place, or only/also the name of the Landkreis?



  • :| Sir, do you even want help or do you just want to let us know that your researches are unsuccessfully?

    It alomst seems like you try to avoid by all available means sharing informations that could be helpfull... :wacko: ?(

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  • I was simply trying to find out why information that I know was previously in the database was not showing up when I did a search. This was with the German Verlustliste. Everything seems in order now.