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  • Searching for any information about my Great Great Grandfather David Patzkowski. I have been unable to find anything prior to him imigrating to the U.S. he was born in Neuteich, Danzig, West Prussia, Prussia (Poland) on April 7, 1860. When still a small child, he with his parents, settled in Russia on the Volga. What year I do not know. and then came to America from the Volga region of Russia, in 1875. His parents: Michael Jacob Patzkowski b 1824 in Marienberg West Prussia,and Anna or ann Christine Scharping b 1826 her father fought in General Yorcks Calvery when Napoleon invaded Russia in 1812 Smolensk and Waterloo in 1815. Anna and Michael were Devout catholics attended Saint Mary's Cathedral in Danzig. Here are a list of David's siblings elder and younger and their birth years.
    John David Patzkowski (1851
    Michael Jacob Patzkowski (1854
    Maria Patzkowski (1862
    Anna L. Patzkowski (1865
    August F.Patzkowski (1871
    This is all second hand information so inaccuracies are possible and apologies for any incorrect spellings.
    The trail runs completely cold as to any information about David's grandfather, Simon David Patzkowski probably a farmer his wife born near marienburg, members of the Catholic church. I have been searching since last august for any information Suggestions? :danke:

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  • Hello,

    are you sure that your family was roman catholic ? I read somewhere that St. Mary in Gdansk was lutheran until 1945 and from then roman catholic. Neuteich had a catholic church.

    Do you have a temple of the LDS church nearby ? You can search their films - they have filmed a lot of church registers of Danzig/Gdansk churches, both catholic and lutheran. And they have also the catholic church registers of Neuteich availabe on film from 1684 until 1881 and 1899 resp. Search for "Nowy Staw (Malbork)".

    Good luck !




    FENNER in Tlukawy/Hermstal/Wischin (Posen)

    STIEWITZ aus "Strelen" in der "Niederlauselitz" (17. Jht.)

    SCHÖNBORN aus "Rotenburg"/Neisse (18. Jht)

    EICHEL aus Rostock (17. Jht.)

    OSTERKAMP aus Hausbergen/Minden (17. Jht)