Translation Request

  • I need assistance in reading the 3 attached .jpg files of the Death Record of Agnes Stammel (Tillman). Particularly, I would like to know the parents of Agnes and her middle name if given. Also would like to know parents of her spouse, Johann Melchior Stammel, if given. Translation of religious and other information would be appreciated.

    Thanks, :)

    Boyd Robinson
    Drumore, Pennsylvania, USA

  • Good morning...i will try:
    No middlename of AGNES STAMMEL, daughter of REINER TILLMANN and his wife JOSEFA, born as BRAUN.
    She was born in HONNEF near KÖNIGSWINTer AM RHEIN.
    Rainer Tillmann was a HOTELIER, his wife Josefa died in HONNEF.

  • Thanks ever so much! Honnef birth confirms what I thought for Agnes's Mother and I thought Agnes's maiden name was Tillman. So, your input has been very helpful!

    Thanks, Boyd Robinson


  • Doesn`t matter...if i`m right this MELCHIOR STAMMEL was a "BADER", means he owns a "public bath"....