Evangelical cemetery in Padligar.

  • I decided to have an inventory of the remaining gravestones from the former Protestant cemetery in Padligar( formerly kreis Züllichau- Schwiebus). It is very good that the thought of this, to save them from oblivion in two ways.
    The first of these was the establishment of lapidary. The second way was to group of survivors in a number of tombstones.

    I do not have such knowledge, those who grouped the graves in such a way. My guess is that either Podlegórz village council or local authorities. Who would not do it, praise him for it!
    [Blocked Image: https://images84.fotosik.pl/723/dcadc7d54ffa9a88med.jpg]

    The whole article about tombstones in lapidary and evangelical cemetery, you will find on my blog- http://www.smolnowielkie.blogspot.com This blog has different language versions. Just open the bookmark to the right of "Translate" in the language of your choice.

  • Thank you Jozef for your informative blog.
    I visited Ostryce and Padligar in 2015, including the Evangelical cemetery in Padligar, the war memorial at Ostritz
    I am in Australia - my ancestors from this area were Materne, Rook, Kalleske, Franke, Kruschel, Schulz; and further back Psille, Petras, Kurtzmann, Mross, Wawrsske, Gogol, Russek, - Many of these family names I see in your blog.
    Looking forward to reading more
    Barry Krueger