Help Please - Surname Preiss/Preifs, Kaiser

  • Hello!
    I am desperately looking for information on the following people, my great grandparents:

    Otto Belnhalt Priess - 1/1/1880, Barenfels Saxony. May have a sister named Martha, do not know anything other than his birthdate and that he immigrated to USA in 1907.
    Martha Kaiser - 9/17/1878, Altenberg (broad, sorry). Do not know parent's names, immigrated to USA in 1907 with Otto Preiss as husband.

    I know Saxony archives aren't quite online anywhere and I've exhausted all my known sources at ancestry, familysearch, Archion, and here. Can anyone help? Any advice?

    Please and thank you!
    Anna Shetler ?(

  • Hello Anna,

    welcome here. Please sorry for my bad english, i'm a german.

    At 1. i will correct the village- and townnames.

    It gives a tree on ancestry from John Shetler, he have a photo of a declaration for naturalisation.
    In this document is written, that Otto Preiss was born at Berenfels, Germany, he were married with Martha ( without maidenname ) on 15 Jul 1907 in Chicago, Illinois, and he arrived New York from Bremen with the SS Brandenburg on 14 May 1907 with last residence Schmideberg, Germany.

    In passengerlist he arrived New York on 14 April 1907 with the SS Brandenburg with last residence Döntschen.

    Martha was born at Altenburg, Germany and arrived New New York on 13 Jul 1907.

    In passengerlist she arrived New York on 12 Jun 1907 with the Kronprinz Wilhelm with last residence Altenberg, but transcribed and indexed as Altenburg.
    The passage have paid the bridegroom, not the husband, and person on final destination is also the bridegroom.

    All 4 places are in the same area in the same county saxonian switzerland- east ore mountains (Sächsische Schweiz-Osterzgebirge ).

    Berenfels is named Bärenfels and is today a subdivision of Altenberg.
    Altenberg is correct, not Altenburg.
    Schmideberg is named Schmiedeberg.
    Döntschen is correct Dönschten and is today a subdivision of Schmiedeberg, and 2,6 miles away from Bärenfels.

    The church books are available only as film in Dresden in the Regional church office.

    Regionalkirchenamt Dresden
    Zentrale Filmlesestelle
    Kreuzstr. 7
    01067 Dresden
    Telefon: 0351/4923-347
    E-Mail: Lesestelle1 (at)

    Altenberg is an own parish, but Bärenfels is part of Schellerhau parish.

    In searchbook have Altenberg the pages 1, 2 and 3, Schellerhau included Bärenfels the pages 114 and 115.…r_Kbz._Dippoldiswalde.pdf

    So feel free, and write a classical very pleasing letter to this office.

    In phonebook all Preiss in saxony are written as Preiß.

    with best wishes


  • I'm so sorry for the delayed response! Thank you so very much for your detailed response! I have sent an email to the office you recommended with a list of the church books to search. Thank you again!