Reading\Translation Help Required.

  • Good evening Forum Members,

    Please can somebody kindly transcribe and translate the attached church record of my Great-Great-Grandparents Paul Schuler and Franziska Leimer.

    Many thanks.

  • the attached record is really small and not extendible without loss of quality. it would be easier with a better attachment. and it would be easier with a transcription of that parts of the record that you are able to read.

    regards HG

  • Many thanks HG for your prompt reply.

    Please see link below for better quality image:

    Paul Schuler

    I would appreciate all of the record to be transcribed as all I can confidently be certain of is the part of "Paul Schuler + Franziska Leimer" and "Rosenheim"


  • Cooperator Nobel zu Rosenheim, Königreich Bayern
    legit(imiert) p(er) matr(imonium) 5 1848 ??? Paul Schuler I 330

    Franziska, unehelich, per matrim(onium) subseq(uens) legitima(ta)

    Paul Schuler, Handelsmann v(on) hier
    Franziska Leimer v(on) Burgau, Königreich Baiern

    Maria Anhofen, Taglöhners Tochter von Burgau

    Geboren zu Rosenheim den 10ten December 1847
    Getauft den 11ten December desselb(en) Jahres

    Laut pfarramtlich Schreiben von Burgau den 2 August 1853 Fiek
    T. ??? den 5 August 1853 ???

  • Many thanks HG,

    So, correct me if I am wrong, this is a church record about Franziska (born in Rosenheim on 10 December 1847), the illegitimate child of Paul Schuler and Franziska Leimer which has been "legitimised" by the marriage in 1848 of Paul and Franziska confirmed by a parish official's letter from Burgau.

    Would the I 330 be a cross reference to the marriage record in the Rosenheim parish records of Paul Schuler and Franziska Leimer?

    Franziska Leimer was from Burgau, Bavaria.

    Is Maria Anhofen, Franziska Leimer's mother?

    What does Taglohners mean?

    Many thanks again.

  • no idea about I 330
    for my understanding Maria Anhofen was the godmother of the child, please check the description of that column
    taglohner = day laborer = worker
    you are absolutely right about the birth, bapt and subsequent marriage

    regards HG