Information Needed about ÜKÖTTER from Harsewinkel

  • Hello! We are looking for emigration dates for 2 brothers from Harsewinkel: Nicolaus Ükötter (born August 1805, baptized at St Lucia, Harsewinkel) and Johann Hermann Ükötter (born July 1809, baptized at St Lucia, Harsewinkel). We don't know if they emigrated to the USA separately or together. We do know that Nicolaus died in Cincinnati, Ohio in November 1837. Johann Hermann was a naturalized US citizen by 1846, so we know that he must have left Harsewinkel before 1841. He also made a trip back to Germany in mid-1846 and returned in early 1847. He died in Cincinnati in 1890. We have searched ships' passenger lists from 1830 forward but so far have not been able to find either Nicolaus or Johann Hermann listed. We wondered if there are any civil records in Germany that would provide information about the dates of emigration to help in our search. Is it possible to check Prussian military records to see if either of them served? We would also like to know if either one was married or had children before coming to the United States.

    We are also searching for more information on the following: Gerhard Henrich Ükötter (born April 1798, baptized at St Lucia, Harsewinkel), Otto Ükötter (born July 1801, baptized at St Lucia, Harsewinkel), and Maria Catharina Ükötter (born May 1804, baptized at St Lucia, Harsewinkel). We believe they are siblings of Nicolaus and Johann Hermann but have not found any emigration or death information on any of them.

    We would appreciate any help at all... :danke:

  • The archive of the catholic church in Muenster has started to present their digitalized church records some months ago.
    Till now you will only find the villages from A to F, but I think, in the next months they will continue their publishing and the church record of Harsewinkel should be online. There is no fee for visiting the records, the quality of the pictures is very good and it will be a great help for you. So just have patience.

  • Thank you for your response and for providing the link--the quality of those online records is much better than the microfilms we have seen! We look forward to the clearer copies when they get Harsewinkel books online.
    We still would like to know if any emigration, marriage or military information is filed in Germany other than notations we might find in the church records. We saw a note in Nicolaus' baptismal record confirming that he died in Cincinnati; however, there was nothing written in Johann Hermann's record about his emigration and he is our great-great grandfather. We are hoping to follow other leads as well (if they exist) to piece together what happened to the rest of the family.
    Thanks again!