Klenke Family

  • I've been trying to find my Klenke ancestors for quite some time now. My grandfather, Claus Johannes Klenke, immigrated to the U.S. in 1912. His father was Johann Ludolph Gabriel Klenke (Klinker), born 30 March 1857 in Klein Heuwisch and died 23 Nov 1945 in Karolinenkoog. Johann married Anna Margaretha Moeller 1 May 1881. Anna Margaretha was born 27 Nov 1853 and died 12 Sep 1923 in Karolinenkoog.

    Johann's father was Detlef Friedrich Klenke (Klinker) born 4 Jan 1820 in Heide and died 14 Jun 1897 in Weissenmoor. Detlef married Maria Dorothea Eck 5 Jul 1850. Maria was born 20 Dec 1825 in Blankenmoor and died 13 May 1907 in Blankenmoor.

    Detlef's father was Ludolph Gabriel Klenke (Klinker) born about 1775 maybe in Schleswig-Holstein or maybe in Lower Saxony. He married Anna Catherine Regenmoller, date unknown. Anna was born 1 May 1798 in Heide. Death date is unknown.

    I've been unable to find any further information on the Klenke genealogy and would love to learn my German ancestry. It is believed the Klenke's originated in Lower Saxony, but not sure where. Can anyone assist? I would so appreciate it. Thank you.


  • Hi Karen,

    Did you look for the marriage of Ludolph Gabriel Klenke and Anna Catherine Regenmoller in the Heide church register?

    In many regions it was a tradition that a couple got married at the place of birth or residence of the bride. That's why I would search in Heide first. The entry might include information about the parents and place of origin of Ludolph.

    I also found this page where it is said that the Klenke family has its origin in Lower Saxony or more specific hte kingdom of Hannover.


    The villages of Marne and St. Michaelisdonn mentioned there are very close to Heide and Blankenmoor. And there's a name and e-mail address mentioned from where you might get further information. I suggest you write to Peter Zornig peterzornig@chello.at

  • Hi Karen,

    1803 census Heide shows the following:
    Johann Regenmoeller, baker, 40 yrs,
    Wiebcke nee Hoge, 33,
    Anna Catharine, 6,
    Johann, 3,
    Peter Christian, 1