Gustav Adolf Wangel, born 1724 in Stralsund

  • I am researching my wifes family going back to Gustaf Adolf Wangel, born Sep 16, 1724 in Stralsund.
    He had a military career and the data I have are from the Swedish military records.
    In his records it is stated:

    1738, june 16 accepted as a volunteer at Baron General Major Schwerins Regiment, later named Kongl Sprengtportens regiment.
    In 1742 he voluntarily went to Finland and was accepted Aug 4 at Svea Livgarde.

    I would greatly appreciate any leads or suggestions to where I can find his birth records and information on parents and relatives.

    In doing internet searches on Wangel, I have discovered cities/regions as well as beer with that name.
    The family name Wangel has shown up in searches but not in the right area and timeframe.


  • Thank you Margret for the lead.
    I was very hopeful but after going through the records I have not found a match.

    Is there another city/parish close to Stralsund that would be worthwhile searching?
    Or are there any way to search based on birth date in case he changed his last name ?

    Many thanks