"w----" ?

  • Hello!

    This "W" word after the names, does it mean "local resident" ?

    This is from near Stuttgart. Several people on this page have this word after their names.

    Thank you!

  • Hi Asharp,

    in order to really help you "we" need a bigger picture so one could compare. On the otherhand more information; is your picture from a churchbook?
    What year and what area you are researching??

    Renate from Berlin

  • Renate, sorry! I did not see your post before.
    I had to make the image that small to comply with the 80kb maximum file size allowed.
    As I said, it was from Stuttgart. It is from a church book, from about 1870.
    Thank you!

  • Hello Asharp,

    I agree with J.Steffen's "Weing.". That can be an abbreviation of Weingärtner (occupation, like J.Steffen interpreted) and as well of Weingarten (locality).
    In the current streetmap of Stuttgart you can find a Weingartenbergle (Bergle = local idiom for small hill) and a Weinbergweg (wineyard road). https://www.meinestadt.de/stut…lan/strassenverzeichnis/w
    You pointed out that several people have "Weing," after their names. What have the others? That will probably clarify whether an occupation or a locality is meant.

    Kind regards