Familie Handke from Berlin

  • Hello
    I am from Denmark and I am trying to help my wife searching for her ancestors, who came from Germany.

    We are looking for information about:
    Pauline Luise Emilie Handke, born 18.03.1879 in Berlin, as daugther of miller Johann Albert Wilhelm Handke and Ida Jeanette Alma Böhm.
    We know from a travel pass from 1919 that Ida Jeanette Alma Böhm was born in Breslau 3.12.1850.

    Pauline was married to Mads Langelund Andersen, 27.11.1897 in Berlin - we do not know where.
    We know Mads came back to Varde in Denmark in 1897 and Pauline came to Varde Denmark in 1898.
    Pauline died as a widow 5.7.1949 in Varde, Denmark

    We know Pauline and Mads had at least 4 children:

    • Hans Handke Andersen, born in Varde 12.12.1898
    • Hertha Anna Ida Andersen, born in Varde 22.4.1900
    • Helga Wilhelmine Andersen, born in Varde 23.5.1902
    • Eline Louise Andersen, born in Varde 11.10.1904.

    Eline is my wifes grandmother.

    Hope someone can help with information of these ancestors.

    Thanks in advance

    Torben Munk Pedersen
    Aarhus, Denmark

  • Hi,
    Thank you very much for your help with the search for my wifes ancestors.

    I have started to read and translate the files, but the German handwriting from that time is not very easy to read, but I am going to spend some time to find out exactly what the documents say.

    Once again :danke:

    Kind Regards
    Torben Munk Pedersen