Help locating a town Grimmorsbach

  • My great X 3 grandfather John Schrott identified that he came from Grimmorsbach; however, I cannot locate this town anywhere. It's in Hesse, Darmstadt......but other than that I cannot even find anything on the map that is similar. Since he left behind 7 siblings, I would love to see if any family remains in the area (father's name was Boniface Schrott). He immigrated to Pittsburgh PA in 1850's after marrying in Ascheffenburg but did not stay in touch with his family. Does anyone have any ideas? Maybe it's a region and not truly a town name. I do not have any ideas on what the family did for a living.

    Thank you so very much for your ideas!

  • Absolutely fabulous! I thank you both so sincerely! I can't believe how easy you made this. I've been studying maps for nearly a year and never came up with either of those places. I truly cannot thank you enough!


  • All these months later......

    My family found the original German documents permitting my G3 grandfather to emigrate and his town was Grünmorsbach! Just wanted to let you all know you did an amazing job helping me out and now I have proof. I have never had such amazing help as on all the forums here. Thank you can't express my gratitude! DIann