George Heisinger, born 1808, Bavaria - Research Request

  • I think immigration should have taken place between 1833 ( census 1850: son? George born Germany) and 1838 ( son? George born Kentucky )


  • I just copied my entry in the other thread:


    I think Elizabeth´ maiden name should be Laber. The allocation of that surname would match to the one of Hiesinger. There is a cluster in Donau-Ries-Kreis . Maybe a search in that area ( Donau Ries and adjacent "Kreise") would be successful ( in the long term)

    Hiesinger pronunciation in German is as Heisinger in English. It is likely that Heisinger was used in the US but originally was Hiesinger.



  • The google book of Father Found was completed by one of our relatives but inside on page 53 indicates a place where I read it as they think he may have come from Essen Heisingen area. I believe due to the similar naming of Heisingen.

    From the Census records, the listing of the children is Frederick in 1841, William 1843, Henry 1846. Part of the difficulty is in 1849, George was granted Guardianship of 4 additional Children from his Brother Christian Heisinger, passed away and no record of the mother. One of the Children was Elizabeth born in 1839, then was adopted out.

    We cannot find a good record for Christian Heisinger and the Children years later. Finding George 1808's parents, will be wonderful and help us find a good record for Christian.

    Thank you very much! I will look into the location area. Sincerely, Dori Danke!

  • Hi,

    maybe Bererid is misheard and/or -spelled Bayreuth, as there are some Heisinger trees at ancestry´s which lead to Dressendorf a part of Goldkronach in the Bayreuth area.
    Maybe some folks have proved info, as they are giving exact dates for birth and marriage, esp. for a Henry ( Heinrich ) Heisinger who should have been born on July 27, 1784 in Bayreuth. Marriage Nov 19, 1817 in Dressendorf Death Aug 26, 1843, Cole, Missouri
    In a Raithel family in Illinois tree only the couple Henry 1784 and Eva Magdalena 1789 and their daughter Magdalena b 1821 are listed, whereas the 1839 passenger list also shows son Adam b 1817 and daughter Margaretha b 1819.
    Arrival data:
    Name: Henry Hensinger
    Arrival date: 12 Oct 1839
    Age: 56
    Gender: M (Male)
    Port of Arrival: New York
    Port of Departure: Bremen
    Place of Origin: Dressendorf, Bavaria ( a clear reading in the original list)
    Occupation: Farmer
    Destination: Ohio (hmm)
    Ship: Ship Emma
    Microfilm Serial Number: M237
    Microfilm Roll Number: 40
    List Number: 762

    A Heisinger family tree JSB shows this Henry , a John b 1798, George 1808 and Christian 1815 as brothers, with George´s place of birth as Dreschemeuth ( where did they get this from?) almost seems as a mix of Dressendorf and Bayreuth.

    Maybe we should forget abt Hiesinger and accept Heisinger. And now the Bayreuth area is the one.


  • Hi Thomas, I've been able to review the FamilySearch record and this is one that we have seen and have found it full of errors. This master record is being modified by individuals that are guessing without facts. Unfortunately we cannot control who has access to modify the master record for a family. So we are trying to forge a new path towards the facts, the real records. Then we can correct the master record.

    I have listened to how Bayreuth is pronounce by a German speaking person and it does sound like Bererid to me.

    What are your thoughts now that you know what we are dealing with?

    Thank you very much for your help and support! Danke! Dori