1722 Osterode birth-baptism

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    Can someone check this transcription and translation of the attached Osterode birth-baptism record? A translation for the word "parieke" could not be found, and I am confused by the ending that says a Godparent made a confession.

    Thanks for your help.

    Chris Swan

    1722- Nr. 17, den 15tn April ist dem Herrn Capitain von Schwaan ein Sohn geboren, welcher den 16te intra privatos parieke getauft und benahmet Otto Berend. Gevattern: Herr Stadtschulz Rottbrey, und ein Leutnannt, welcher für des Herrn Capit. Bruder das Bekenntnis ablegt.

    1722- No. 17, the 15th of April, a son was born to Mr. Captain von Schwaan, who was christened the 16th in private "parieke" and named Otto Berend. Godfathers: Mr. Stadtschulz Rottbrey, and a Lieutenant, who for the Captain's brother makes the confession.

  • Hi,

    you did not find parieke, because it is parietes.

    "Intra privatos parietes" = in private; between the walls of the private house

    Godparents: I've seen it several times before in church records, that a godparent who could not attend the act himself is replaced by someone else. In this record, the captain's brother is the godfather, but as he obviously could not be present, he was replaced by a lieutenant. The lieutenant made the confession but he is not the godfather.


    P.S. Jens was quicker than me.

  • Thank you Micha and Jens. I am still confused about the "confession". I thought confession was only to a catholic priest in private.


  • Hi Chris,
    I think this "confession" is in a different sense, something like a confession of faith/creed in the baby´s place to make the baptism complete.