Armeit Family in Memel

  • Guten Abend. ich bin die Madeleine. Es tut mir sehr leid, weil ich nur ein bisschen Deutsch kann. Ich bin eine Amerikanische Frau und ich wohne in New York City.

    Ich habe heute eine Problem.

    Mein Deutsch ist sehr schecht. Bitte schon, darf ich auf Englisch schreiben?

    I am a paralegal in New York City assisting a law firm in formulating a family tree for a gentleman who died in 2005 without a Will and without parents, grandparents, siblings, spouse or children.

    The law firm is questioning the court appointed genealogist report. There are discrepancies.

    I need help in locating the Armeit family of Memel von 1820 bis 1900.

    I believe that there was more than one Armeit family residing in Memel during that time. I am particularly interested in locating he records for a Franz Carl Armeit born circa 1860. I believe there was more than one Franz Carl Armeit boen in Memel.

    Vielen Dank

    if I can be of any help to anyone here to research records held in NYC at the NYC Archives, please let me know.


  • Frank C Armeit was born on April 22, 1859. His parents are Frank/Franz and Johanna Boeher (or
    The father emigrated in 1892 at the age of 73 with daughter Anna (23):
    Here in 1900:
    He died in 1905:
    Daughter Amalia was born on Jan. 11, 1861 in Memel, another daughter Bertha on March 9, 1854.


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  • Thank you all for your replies. I have most of the US information but I believe I may need information from Memel.

    There were two distinct Armeit families in the US during the mid to late 1800s.

    Can anyone suggest how I may be able to obtain baptismal and birth records from Memel circa 1820 to 1890?

    Vielen Dank. Madeleine

  • It seems that the whole family of Franz (1859) went to America, except his mother, who probably died shortly before 1892.