Searching for Ruta Simkeviciute/Simkevicius/Schimkus (maiden name), parents ID 91619 and 91620

  • Hello,

    My name is Vaida and I am writing on my mother's behalf who, unfortunately doesn't know any English or German.

    My mother, Vida Simkeviciute (b.1947, in Klaipeda, Lithuania) is looking for her half sister Ruta Simkeviciute (b. around 1933) who was taken to Germany possibly by her maternal aunt Anna Elsa Gaul (ID:340631) and her husband Josef Sukowski after Ruta's mother Marie Meta Gaul (ID: 91620) died in Klaipeda, Lithuania and her father Juozapas Simkevieciaus (ID: 91619) remarried. Ruta had a sister Irena who instead of going to Germany stayed in Lithuania with her father, stepmother Janina Narauskaite and half sister Vida b.1947. However, Ruta's father died in/around 1949. Irena also died in around 1950.

    We have photographs available of Ruta, her father, mother, sisters Irena and Vida etc. The entry on Ruta's father, mother and maternal family is available on this website:


    Would any of you have any further information on Ruta or her family or how to search further, please, let me know - any leads and/or advice wold be much appreciated. Thank you!

  • Hello Vaida,

    I guess it will be difficult to find any trace of Ruta, since you dont' know whether and whom she marrried and under which family name she lived in
    Germany. Maybe she had been adopted by Josef Sukowski?

    Radeburg is very close to Dresden, - I found two entries for Sukowski in Dresden in the telephone directory. This could be a trace...

    Good luck with your search,


  • Hello,

    Thanks a lot for such a quick response - much appreciated! Yes, I'm trying the phone book avenue as well and I also found some names who potentially could be related to the person we are looking for. As we've only started our search and still have very little experience, would you say it's ok to just cold call people directly?

    Also, there are some photographs of Ruta's maternal aunts on your website ID: 340632, ID: 344035, ID: 340631. So, perhaps, it would be possible to trace who's sent these photos to you? Potentially some registered members who might know more? Of course, if investigating this way isn't against the rules.

    Thanks once again and best wishes,

  • Hello,

    Thanks a lot for your response and further assistance - much appreciated! I email 'Memelland Family book' 5 days ago, but no response yet. Hopefully, I will hear from them sometime soon.

    Thanks again and best regards,