Waltheger? Walthitter?

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    Can anyone tell me what Jacob's profession is? In one document, it looks like "Waltheger." In the other it looks like "Walthitter." The only similar profession I could find was Waldhütter.
    These records are from late 1780s church books.
    Thank you!! :danke:

  • "Walthitter" is a dialect-form of "Waldhüter" = a man whose profession is to take care ("hüten" = "take care", "watch") of the forest.

    "Waltheger" = correctly "Waldheger" = the same as "Waldhüter" because "hegen" is an old german word which means also "protect", "take care".

    So all in all he is a ranger.

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  • Thank you very much, Henry Wilhelm! !
    I had looked up "hegen" in a modern dictionary but found nothing. I need an old one.
    Danke & viele Grüsse

  • Thank you, Henry Wilhelm! A thesaurus is a good resource!
    I will save that with reference links.

    Interesting about Jäger... so that's what "JägerMeister" liquor is named for!

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