Gehringer Surname

  • Hello from Ohio, USA. There are very few "Gehringers" in the USA. I know my great-grandfather "Henry Gehringer" (Possibly "Heinrich" and "Goehringer") was born in Germany. His future wife "Sophia Dennan" also came from Germany, and they were married in Cleveland, Ohio in 1887.

    Any ideas on how to locate German records when you are not certain of the name? I have a similar issue with "John/Johann Gehringer" . :danke: Thank-You.

  • Hello,

    we all have troubles with name variations especially for immigrants.
    When you search e.g. at FamilySearch or Ancestry you may use "G*hringer" and see what comes up. I think FamilySearch can handle the First Name equivalents in most cases. You will possibly have to follow several traces and exclude one by one those who do not match.
    I think first you need to see in which census they first appear and if there are more informations such as immigration year, region (Bavaria, Prussia, ...), naturalization, confession. You might find passenger lists, naturalization records, military records ... and when you are lucky you find the name of their birthplace. Without birthplace I would not give too much hope in locating them in Germany.

    Good luck!

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