ITALY - No response from parish church

  • ITALY - In 1772 Anna Margarethe and Joseph Polti came to Simmern/Hunsrueck in Rheinland from Dongo, Como, Lombardy, Italy. I've written 4 times, in Italian, to the parish church in Dongo asking for birth and marriage records but they do not respond. Any suggestions?

    Thank you,
    Christiana Swan

  • Hello Christiana,

    I know such problems from Sicily, too.

    What I have learned to know is, that you need to go to the churches in person or nothing will happen: one reason might be that Italian priests are not getting their money by the state: they only seem to get donations or what they earn by giving baptisms, marriages and such things.

    In the only villages where I tried to get direct information the priest had more than one job to stay alive (he worked as a teacher for musical education and in a garage to get money for life).

    If you are very lucky, the mormons might have some church records of your region at "": I found some (not everything) out of two towns of my ancestors, there.

    Greetings from Hannover (Germany)


    IRGENDWIE sind wir doch ALLE miteinander verwandt... ;)

  • Hello Chris,

    from 1714 to 1797 Como was under Austrian administration, before 1714 Spanish, after late 1796 Cisalpinian. Maybe you can find info in Austria.

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