• Hello!
    I´m trying to find the origin of an ancestor of mine, Johan Adam Ostheim, born in Hessia 1823-08-03, dead in Gävle, Sweden 1871-07-05. He married a Swedish woman 1850 and in that year he also was granted Swedish citizenship by the king. My efforts to find further information concerning Johan Adam Ostheim has so far been without results. He must have arrived in Sweden, I guess, in the late 1840ties. There is no indication that he arrived with any other of his family members.
    Someone has suggested to me that the most likely travelling route for Ostheim was by boat from Kiel to Gothenburg. Other suggestions are of course welcome! Are passenger lists available in digital for? In that case: Where? Did German authorities register migrating citizens? How can I in that case find out?

    Are there church records for families in Hessia (as in my country parish catechetical meetings) available in digital form? All suggestions on how to trace the ancestry of Johan Adam Ostheim are welcome.
    There is no living person with the Ostheim name in Sweden today. Of Johan Adam´s four boys only one reached adulthood. He had no children.
    If you care to answer you don´t have to reply in English. I do understand German. Thank you!