Help with 2 Latin words

  • I've shortened the previous request, I only need 2 words:

    1. structurariorum
    2. nove

    They are from this context:

    Othonis de Zywan, structurariorum nomine2 ecclesie Marie virginis antedicte
    Otto von Schwan, structurariorum name2 church of the virgin Mary aforesaid

    2 Vorlage: nove.
    2 Template: nove.

    Thank you,
    Christiana Swan

  • We have learned: No transkription without a picture (scan etc.) :!:

    For example, I am sure there is written "ecclesiae" - and not "2", but perhaps "S." :rolleyes:

    Viele Grüße
    h :) nry

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  • Hi Christiana,
    Here's an explanation of the word structu[r]arius, and I understand he is a person entrusted with managing/looking after buildings/edifices.
    The word "nove" is just a faulty version of what is really meant to read "nomine" ( as I think, caused by the abbreviation noie for nomine).
    And, by the way, ecclesie (in medieval Latin) is identical with ecclesiae (in classical Latin).
    Hope this helps a bit.