Albert Carl Steinhorst

  • Looking for information on Albert Carl Steinhorst. A lot is known about him since he immigrated to America but almost nothing before. He was born in 1857 in Prussia or Germany according to the census. One article mentions him being born in Magdeburg. He was estranged from his father and refused to discuss his past. In an 1887 courting letter, he mentions the death of his wife and mother. Any help in finding information about his parents or time in Germany is greatly appreciated.

  • Based on census records, we think he immigrated 1876. We know he was in the states by 1880 as he filed his intention to become a citizen. Unfortunately, we don't know the name of his parents or his wife in Germany. The only clues we really have to go on are a reference to Magdeburg in an article about him and an approximate immigration year.

    There is a town called Steinhorst a couple hours outside of Magdeburg in Lower Saxony. Given his estrangement from his father, it's quite possible he changed his name.

    There's a story that one of his children came home from elementary school one day telling him their teacher had said surely the name is von Steinhorst, not just Steinhorst. Albert was very upset and told them never to let anyone call them that. According to Google, "von" could imply nobility. So perhaps there's something to that which he was rejecting along with his father. Or maybe he just didn't want to act like something they weren't. One of his grandchildren noted that he always bought the best shotguns, wines, or whatever he was buying. Plenty of interpretations. No solid evidence either way.