Königlisch Preussische Ansiedlungskomission - Information

  • Mein Urgroßvater Karl Prellwitz stammte aus der Kirche der Mährischen Brüder und lebte ab 1904 in Neuhof / Groß Reichnau (Richnau), Kreis Briesen, Schönsee / Westpreusse. Das Grundstück wurde durch die Königlich Preußische Ansiedlungskomission in Provincen Westpreussen und Posen erworben. Es waren deutsche Familien aus Nowy Dwor / Stanislawow.
    Ich suche eine Kopie dieses Grundstückskaufvertrages bei der Königlich Preußischen Ansiedlungskomission. Kann mir jemand helfen?


    Artur Emilio Prellwitz

  • Dear Artur:

    My name is Samuel Kuhn and I believe that our families are connected to Emil Prellwitz via two of my Prellwitz ancestors: Fredrich Wilhelm Prellwitz born on 6 Aug 1895 in Kolonia Stanislawow and married to Juliane Maryanna Dei also from Kolonia Stanislawow, Nieporet and George Prellwitz who lived from 1819 - 1896 born in Kępa Kikolska, Nowy Dwor and married to Eufrosine Weiss (Wiese) also born in Kolonia Stanislawow, Nieporet.

    I've been researching the Prellwitz surname in the Kolonia Stanislawow area (Nieporet) and Stanislawowo, Nowy Dwor because my ancestors share the same surname as Emil and my Prellwitz ancestors lived in Stanislawow, Nowy Dwor, and Kolonia Stanislawow. My ancestors also had a connection to Groß Reichenau im Kreis Briesen and Brazil. I was trying to connect my Prellwitz ancestors when I received this message from Lorraine McCurry:

    "I am so happy to have found your site here. I have a Great Grandfather Michael Kopp, born 20 June 1862 in Stanislawow; his parent may have been Jacob Kopp and a lady with the maiden name of Drews. My Michael married Julianna Marianna Dei in Stanislawow(1887). They had three children: Augusta(b.1888){My Grandmother}; a son Fredrich Wilhelm Kopp,(b. 1889); and Lydia, (b.28 Aug.1894). Family history said Michael Kopp died 5 Aug 1894 from pneumonia after getting a chill while recusing a child from drowning.

    Being a lady with young children, as was the custom Julianna married shortly after to Fredrich Wilhelm Prellwitz on 6 Aug 1895, Lutheran Parish Radzymin, (Nieporet), Dist. Radzymin, Government Warsaw, Russian Poland. In 1905 the family now increased, moved to Gross Reichenau, Kreis Briesen, West Prussia.

    It is at this point that all contact with Michael Kopp's family ceased. Our Grandmother attempted to make connections as an adult but, the family appeared to have vanished. It has always been our family's wish to somehow, someday make a connection to our lost Kopp heritage. Maybe you are that link. My Grandmother AugudtaKopp married Josef Tonn in Gross Reichenau in 1909 and fled to Germany in 1918 then the family moved to Brazil for two years; finally, arriving in Waldersee, Manitoba Canada in July 1925. Here they farmed until 1936 when they moved down the road to a farm south of Plumas, Manitoba. Retiring into the village at their old age; they passed away and are buried in the community cemetery.

    If you can see a link to our Michael Kopp, we the Tonn family would love to hear from you."

    When I discovered your post I thought that it would be a great idea for us to share information and compare our notes. If you would like to collaborate I would be most thankful. Regardless, I hope that this message finds you well.


    Samuel Kuhn