Johann Adam Mohr and Maria Katharina Knab in Hambach a. d. W.

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    Johann Adam Mohr and his wife Maria Katharina Knab were born about 1668 in Hambach a.d. Weinstrasse, and had many children. The first attachment shows the marriages of some of their children in the period 1744 to 1751. The second attachment is for the death of Maria Katharina Knab. Can you tell me what these documents tell us about these 2 people? (There is disagreement on their births and deaths, so I don't want to bias you in any way, but I have to mention that their last child was born in 1728, and no one thinks that is possible.)

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  • The second attachment says, that Catharina Mohr died on Jan. 3rd in 1758.
    She was the widow of Adam Mohr, formerly councilman in Hambach.

    The first attachment deals with children of Johann Mohr and C. Mohr. So the question is, weather it is the same man.

    In addition attachment 1 says, that in 1747 Catharina Mohr was already dead. That's in contrary to attachment 2.

    So it may be, attachment 1 and attachment 2 are about different people. :?:

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