The Historic Gazetteer: Display Order of Search Results

  • I would like to know the significance of the display order where there are multiple instances of the same "name"? The "name" itself seems to be sorted alphabetically, but where multiple instances of the same "name" exists, they are not sorted by the next field "type" - what are they sorted by?

    Thank you / Danke

  • Hi Janfg,

    Welcome to the Forum.

    Do you mean the the "GOV - the historical gazetteer", from the Button [GOV] at the top of this page ?
    If so, then I'll move your query to the "CompGen Projects" board, where you are more likely to get an answer :)

    and If not, please could you let us know, which "historical gazetteer" you mean - there are several on the Web -
    and maybe we help you there too.