Schroeder Hermann Heinrich

  • Dear all,
    I live in Sweden and I am serching for information about my Grandfather Hermann H Schroeder
    He was born in 1892-09-27 in Wandsbek (Hamburg). (Lubeckerstrasse 115).

    He join the army on SMS Albatross. The 2 July 1915 in a battle outside Gotland Sweden the Albatross was
    damaged and brought into harbour in Sweden. My Grandfather stayed in Sweden for the rest of his life.

    He had 2 children (my father and his sister) and then a new family (2 boys) but we, the first family had no
    contact so I have never met my grandfather.

    Can You help me to find out if there are relatives to us living near this area or elswere in Germany. I do not
    know much but I have heard that he had sisters and brothers also.

    My father told me that the name Pödener-von Boyner - is that a family-name?

    Eva S

    Edited once, last by EvSi: Hello again, I am very interested in knowing more from Wandsbek-Lubeckerstrasse 115. The Schröder family seems to have lived there for many years, Did the family work in a bakery or what was their living? Interesting to search about. Regards,Eva S ().

  • Hello Eva,

    I have been looking for your grandfathers family.

    His parents are

    Hermann Heinrich Wilhelm Schröder and Anna Louise born Krützfeld.

    Hermann Heinrich Wilhelm Schröder is the son of

    Johann Heinrich Wilhelm Soedingbaeumer called Schröder and Anna Marie Ilsebein born Schröder in Lenzinghausen

    Anna Louise Krützfeld is the daughter of

    the baker Jochim Hinrich Krützfeld and Anna born Plump in Wandsbek

    There also are any siblings of your grandfather:

    Gustav Adolf Schröder * 5.12.1889 in Wandsbek
    Erna Louise Anna * 17.5.1891 in Wandsbek + 1.9.1949 Hamburg
    Magda Bertha Johanna * 27.1.1895 in Wandsbek
    Gerhard Arnold August * 21.7.1897 in Wandsbek
    Louise Gretchen Gertrud * 8.7.1899 in Wandsbek

    Viele Grüße
    Henriette :)

  • Hi,

    in addition to Henriette´s info:

    Louise Gretchen + 24.7.1971 Hamburg ( married? )
    Magda Bertha + 22.12.1980 ( Standesamt Enger, near Lenzinghausen )

    Hermann Heinrich * 11.2.1863 + 3.1.1953 (record of Standesamt Spenge, he might have gone back to his place of birth?)

    Anna Louise * 26.7.1870 + 27.1.1943 Hamburg

    date of marriage 4.12.1889



  • Hi Thomas.
    can You advise me what to do next to get more information about my grandfathers relatives?

    I want to serch if there are grand-grand children living nearby Hamburg today.

    Eva S

  • Dear all,

    my Name is Kim, born in Bielefeld and I am currently living in Hamburg.

    I am the great-grandchild of Magda Bertha Johanna. She was the mother of my grandfather - he is living in Bielefeld.

    @Eva - let's get in contact - we have a lot of old Pictures.

    Best regards