Holz from Leipzig

  • Hello,
    My grandmother confessed a while ago that the love of her life was a German soldier during WWII, and that my father was his son. So, my grandfather appears to be a gentle, German guy from Leipzig and not a silent man from Belgium.

    This is what I know. His name, according to my 99 year old grandmother was Heinz Gerard Höltz, adress: Auenhainer strasse 10 in Leipzig Süd. Born the 16th june 1920.
    But it could well be Holz of Hölz, or born in 26/06/1922. She is confused.

    I'm trying to find data about this man and his family, but got not much further then an online address book: a guy named Hermann Holz, Schmiedemstr at that adress in 1949. I suppose this is his father or brother. He had 5 brothers and 4 sisters again according to my grandmother. Heinz himself is most likely killed in action somewhere in 1944 in the neighbourhood of Maldegem or Eeklo in Belgium. But I can't find any records of this.

    So, I'm stuck for the moment. Can anyone help me find some more details about my grandfather? Thank you so very much


  • Hi, Rollin,

    just my findings: Hermann Holz appeared for the first time in Leipzig dir 1925 , Eisenbahnstr. 131 b. Houses in Auenhainer Strasse were apparently built in early 1930´s , seems that Hermann built the house in No 10, first entry in 1932. I suppose Hermann was Heinz Gerhard´s father. Volksbund entries do not show Heinz Gerhard or a Holz from Leipzig or surrounding area or born in June 192x. Hmmm.



  • Hello Rollin,

    You might like to go through the list of names mentioned on monuments in Leipzig.

    Frankly speaking I had a quick look, and the only entry I found was of Georg HOLZE:

    In the list there are 64 links to monuments from the "Landkreis Leipzig" (rural district). You might go through all of them, too, just in case your father was not born in the city.

    I tried the search, too, but it's difficult since we aren't sure about the spelling. Very time-consuming to check all the combinations.

    Heinz could also be Heinrich. Gerhard is sometimes Gerd.

    Holz, Holtz, Hölz, Höltz, Holze etc.
    I keep all my fingers crossed that you'll find your father.

  • Thomas, Zimba,

    Thank you so very much for the work so far. Is there any mention of the name of the wife of Hermann?

    I will look into the links. It is a pitty that apparently, the family is not from Leipzig, so, it is very difficult. I guess the only hope I have is to find descendents of Hermann to get more information about this family.

    I will dig some more, thanks again,