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    Still searching for anything ARMBRUST - Itzehoe to Hamburg, Blankenese, Altona, Pinneberg and surrounding area. mid 1760s - 1960s

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    Bob Armbrust

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    name is not that rare south of Itzehoe, e.g. in Wrist even today. Have you already tried the Census data base


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    FENNER in Tlukawy/Hermstal/Wischin (Posen)

    STIEWITZ aus "Strelen" in der "Niederlauselitz" (17. Jht.)

    SCHÖNBORN aus "Rotenburg"/Neisse (18. Jht)

    EICHEL aus Rostock (17. Jht.)

    OSTERKAMP aus Hausbergen/Minden (17. Jht)

  • Hello,

    I’m sorry I haven’t responded sooner but I just saw your post today (now). Thank you for posting. Actually I have seen the Census reports you mention and did find some of my family there. Matthias #315 in the 1803 Census is my 3rd grandfather. I found his father Peter briefly mentioned in Matthias’ marriage record at the Wrist Parish. That’s as far back as I’ve been able to go for more than 10 years. Truly a brick wall. In the Census reports I see there were a lot of ARMBRUSTs living in the Itzehoe area and looking up addresses it appears many were within walking distance of each other. For that reason I think at least some of them had to be related to each other. As yet I cannot make any connections however.

    I do most of my research on Ancestry.com and have just about exhausted all available information. I have more than 125 Armbrust trees set up in hopes that will help. So far .... not so much. I’d like to “poke around” the Breitenburg area records but don’t know how to accomplish that.

    If you have any suggestions or know of any way I can find reliable help I’d be open to it and will greatly appreciate it. Again I have HUGE amounts of ARMBRUST information that I will gladly share as well.

    Thank you for contacting me and I hope you remain well in these crazy times.


    I have living relatives in Hamburg now but they aren’t interested in genealogy. Ulf Armbrust owns and manages the York Hotel there. I met his brother and 2 female cousins a few years ago.

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    Bob Armbrust