Can anyone read this old German document and transcribe it for me (in German). I know it`s about the birth of a child... Thank you

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    your link doesn't work.


    Es ist nicht das Wissen, sondern das Lernen,
    nicht das Besitzen, sondern das Erwerben,
    nicht das Dasein, sondern das Hinkommen,
    was den größten Genuss gewährt.

    Carl Friedrich Gauß

    Suche FN Wittmann und Angeheiratete-FN Hoffmann/ Oberschlesien-FN Naujock /Ostpreußen

    Dauersuche Geburt Marianna ( Maria) Barbara Olschewski ca 1798 im Raum Dirschau

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    At the beginning of the link only the h (ttps) was cut off ;-)

    Hope that helps, there may be a better translation.

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    No. 38

    Friedenhorst, December 19th, 1903

    Today arreared in person before the undersigned recording official at the registry office the well-known

    Crossing Keeper Karl Rabbel

    resident in Friedenau

    and reported that before his face Auguste

    Rabbel née Pfeifer, his wife, protestant,

    in the home of the reporter, Protestant,

    in Friedenau, district Meseritz, has born a dead girl

    in December 19th, 1903, at 6:30 h in the morning.

    (Adjacent 20 lines crossed out, above 5 lines marginally


    Read to them, passed and signed.

    signed Carl Rabbel

    the recording official at the registry office

    signed Schiller

    The accordance with the main register attests

    Friedenhorst, December 19th, 1903

    the recording official at the registry office


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  • Thank you very much to everyone who has been so kind to help me. The translation is perfect. Sorry about the bit missing in the link. I don`t use this site very often. Trying to find any information about my husband`s ancestors is very frustrating. I have a photo of all the family, but have no idea when it was taken,. I have all the names but cannot trace the girls in the picture. How can I find out which year it was taken? Keep safe:danke::)