Looking for information on Maria Rocholl (nee OTTO) 1912

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    I am looking for information on Maria Rocholl (nee OTTO) who we believe was born on March 21 1912. Her siblings were Anneliese, Else and Ludwig. I do not know her parents names. We believe she was born in or around Oberaula. She was married to Horst Rocholl in 1932, settling in Waldkappel, had two children (Herman and Giesla), and divorced in 1936, leaving Germany shortly after.

    I would like to find birth, marriage and divorce records for her so we can confirm some information and also obtain her parents names. Any other information is greatly appreciated too.

    I have done the usual searches on the larger pay genealogy sites with little success.

    I am her grandson.

    Thank you!

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    Horst Rocholl (* 23. Februar 1908 in Kassel; † 1. Januar 2004 in Eberswalde) war ein deutscher Mediziner, Übersetzer, Autor und Amateurfotograf.

    This man was married twice and he divorced. He settled in 1936 in Waldkappel. He settled down later on with the second familie in the DDR ...there are "Treffer" in the Internet..... He studied in Marburg...maeby he married there his first woman...maeby Maria Otto???

    You could try it in the archives of Marburg


    Francis 58