partitioning municipality

  • When a municipality terminates its entity it mostly is part of (new created) entity.

    Sometimes a municipality (or a village) is partitioned to more than one entity.

    How do I define this in the GOV database?

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  • There are two ways to define, it depends on the local structure. In GOV we have Objects of the category Verwaltung/administratie (Gemeinde, Stadt) and category Wohnplatz (Dorf, village, settlement. A "Wohnplatz" will never change his coordinates,but the associated municipality.

    I have seen, you created the object "Gemeinde Eemsdelta". The former Gemeinde Delfzijl already exits in Gov, with some Wohnplatz-objects under this.

    In the municipaltiy youn can make the entry "ist /is type municipaltity" with an end date. In the Wohnplatz you add the end date to the line "is part of delfzijl " and add a new line with a start date " is part of Eemsdelta".

    Second way:

    Sometimes the old municipalty held an own administration as official part of the new municipality. Then you can change the type in the municipality (with date) add "is part of" (with date)