How to add attachments (Instruction)

  • Hello,

    here you will find an illustrated instruction how to add attachments to a thread.
    The sizes of attachments are limited to 20KB max. If your file exceeds this limit you need to reduce the file.

    Step 1:
    In the menu of answering a thread or creating a new thread choose the <Attachments> Button. You will found them at the bottom below the Textbox.

    Step 2:
    A Pup-Up window will open. In this Window you need to choose the <Browse> Button.
    Then the "File upload" Pop-Up will open and you have to select the proper Filename of the file you want to upload. Select the file and press <open>, then the "File upload" Windows close

    Step 3:
    and you are now back on the "add Attachments" Pop-up Window. In the Textbox left of the <Browse> Button you will now see the Filename of the selected file.
    Now hit the <save> Button. The file will be then stored on the Forums Server. You will see a message that your file iwill be now uploaded to the Server. hit the <close> Button if you have uploaded the files you want.
    A maximum of 5 files per thread is allowed.

    Step 4:
    Then go ahead as usual, enter the Text in the thread Textbox and press the <Post new Thread> Button.
    The Thread will now be stored and viewed in the Forum and file attached as well.
    You cannot see attachments in the preview.

    kind regards

    Michael Lauffs

    Michael Lauffs
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